Dec 26, 2007

Its a day! Its The Day....

27th May 2007, sah lah me become a wife to my beloved bf. How is it? How i feel? Gud or bad? A combination of both. having my wedding ceremony without my beloved father... was really2 something which no1 want to imagine rite. He was admitted 4 days before my wedding day. Sad sad sad but true. i woke and face the day alone, everything alone.

Abah admitted with critical liver conditions. Moment yang paling me feared sgt2 in my life. At the moment which me and dad supposed to be bz wif my wedding preparation.To marry some1, to be someone's wife. My beloved abah tak boleh balik umah to attend my wedding ceremony. Doc tak allowed. Dengan songket sedondon sepasang, me and hubby visit abah kat hospital just to cheer him up in those saddest moment.

But the days has come.. 25 June, in less than a month, abah pergi tinggalkan kami. abah really2 hand me over to my hubby before he gone to meet the Lord. Sedihnya Allah je yang tahu. My beloved and adored abah has gone away, I still felt the emptiness.

I miss u so much abah.. semoga abah ditempatkan bersama mereka2 yang Allah sayangi. Alfatihah.

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