Jan 8, 2009

10 reasons "Why i hate Golf"

1. To start on.... GOLF as we “Wifey” called it as "Golongan Orang Lupa Family". No family members are allowed to be in there unless become one of the player. (At least my in-laws agreed with me hehehehe)

2. It's so boring to watch on TV.

3. It’s expensive to pursue seriously. Green fee, buggy fee, clubs, balls, caddie… and the list go on.

4. Some of them head to toe from Calaway to Mizuno…. Dress like a pro but they swing like chicken S*%t.

5. It's not environment-friendly. At least is the most credible reason I can give. Watersheds or forests that are home to some forms of wildlife are cleared to give way to golf courses... caiyok! caiyok!

6. It’s such a silly game! You hit, then you walk and then you hit, and walk and then again for hours!

7. Why they call it club, when it really means an iron stick? For me, a club is a…. Club! And green is a Colour! Hahaha.. Its remind me of “Green Green Grass of Home”.

8. I had golf maniac back at home. He jumps up at 6am to run on his golf appointment but took me 3 hours to wake him up for Pasar Pagi.

9. They serve free meal in the clubhouse for members with the package! Then who’s going to finish my cook?

10. Last but not least, if this phrase happen to be mentioned to my hubby… “You may kiss the bride”… Yeah, he will passionately kiss his Iron. Trust me he will!

Maybe I should take up the game, I need the stress errr… I mean relaxation. Hahaha….. you guys, don’t hate me for this.

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