Jan 28, 2009


A Kentucky farmer of advanced years took a lovely young bride. At first the marriage was very passionate and the couple made love frequently. After a few months, however, the wife suddenly became disinterested in sex and the farmer began to worry.After another few months had passed, the farmer startedsuspecting foul play, that maybe his wife was fooling around. So one day, he left the tractor running out in the field and crept back to the house where he caught his wife and her young lover in the act.While his wife and the young man were scrambling for their clothes, the farmer fetched his shotgun and burst into the room. The understandably hysterical young man pleaded for his life. The farmer lowered the barrel andpointed toward the barn.The farmer led the man at gunpoint out to the barn where he proceeded to secure the man’s "unit" in a bench vise. The farmer then welded the vise screw so it could not be Loosened. He then pulled out a gleaming sharp bowie knife.The man was screaming by now and begging the farmer not to cut off his manhood. The farmer just smiled, handed the man the knife and said, "Oh, I’m not gonna cut it off. I’m just gonna set the barn on fire."


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