Jan 23, 2009

Long Holiday... Chinese New Year

This coming CNY kinda boring... long holiday but no plan at all. Wut to do? Terperosok je la kat celah dapur nampaknya. My hubby went to his another fishing trip and will only be back tomorrow eve me thinked. Fishing again... heee.. i shud start to blog bout fishing la agaknya lepas ni. Napes tak pernah terpk before ek.. menarik gak hehehehe... bukan setakat rayfish.. shark pun dia penah bawak balik thauu!!!.. today he went to register for PKNS fishing competition di Bangi. Hehehehe.. hopefully got some suprise for my buffdayyy tomorrow. 1st prize wud be RM24k.. tempting!

But s**k... so sickening.. monday he'll go for golfing summore. Aiyak!... spoil tul! CNY holiday gone begitu saja....

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