Jan 24, 2009

My Birthday Wish List!

25th January... wud be my 31st birthday... yippe.. i feel a year younger oredi!
Wut i really want for this birthday?

1. Candle light dinner with my darling... just the 2 of us.
But my hubby oredi spoil my mood. He went for fishing oredi, oni back tomorrow eve..
huhuhuh.. Spoiler besar tul la! Poor me...
*Update: Nope, ekceli his not. he came back at 9, we went to Tesco and he blanja me minum kat Mamak.... :(( :((. He go off again at 1am.

2. Love Guru CD. I dunno why but i really wanna watch it! marissa hargitey!

3. Nike running shoe
*Update: Got 1 Adidas Sport Shoe just a while ago from the Landlord a.k.a my hubby... oso nice 1.

4. Hagan Daz Ice Cream treat.

5. The oldie..... Davidoff Coolwater pour elle...

6. New Digital Camera, hope to get it after CNY.

7. I need a new hp wif cam, gigis biru, 3g, gprs and bigger memory drive...
shit! my phone drop in the t***et again. yuck! it was the 3rd phone tat i dropped inside
there. Now i had to used this ugly "bar soap" hp back again. I really wish tat my hubby
will kesian kan i again this time around.bt.... a dun tink so!
*Update: Landlord a.k.a my hubby turn it down oredi... he said big Amy Winehouse NO! NO! NO! huhuhu....

8. Spa treat! Mani & Pedi in.

9. Photo session with my beloved Aidid!

10. Shopping treat! ho ho ho!


  1. Syg!

    wow.. ur 3rd hp down the...toilet?

    gprs n all the works!! high taste lah u!!!

  2. Ya loh.. huhuhuh.. my 3rd time in less than 2 years. Clumsy Maya!
    Luckily now hp all veri2 cheap & dale la dear. juz take out the nav less than 1k oso can get liao! But my hubby wont approved it tis time around huhuhuh.. he oni approved me 1 wif cam but no gigi biru. very the trabel to transfer pic.


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