Jan 24, 2009

Pleasant Bufday Suprise

My hubby came back at 9 eve and brought me out to buy some food stuffs for our Little Aidid. We went to Tesco and finis wif our shop list by 1030. On our way back, i asked my hubby to buy me new sport shoe for my erobic classes and gym ball so tat i can do some workout while at home.. i told him tat my current sport shoe wasnt tat suitable for my aerobic movement hehehe.. wat a lame excuse! He said nothing bout the shoe but, asked me to checked wuts the price for the gym ball. Monday he'll bring me out to buy 1... yay!

We reached home at 11 and he kept himself busy prepared fish bait for his fishing. Me simpan our shopng stuffs, then went upstairs to our room, put my son to bed and washed myself, when i heard someone step in to the room. i peeped out thru the half closed bathroom door. It was my hubby, so i just contd my business in there.

Later on.. to my suprise... my hubby lied beside our son wif prezzy on the bed. He then whispered slowly.."Happy Buzday Sayang!"
Yippe..me unwrapped the prez and another Yay! for today.... Adidas Shoe.... I'm thrilled.. tak dapat Nike, Adidas oso great choices.
Apelagik.. me wif oni tuala on, terkam my hubby and kiss him bertalu-talulah! hahahaha...
Tenkiu darl! Earlier, im kinna upset wif his decision to go fishing on my bufday. But wif this pleasant suprise.. i sent him away tonite wif big hugs and smoccchiingggg kisses all over his face. xoxo...

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