Jan 8, 2009

Today’s Fact of No Mercy – Jan 8,2009

1. ATM stands for Auto Teller Machine. So why called it ATM machine? Same goes with Personal Identification No (PIN). Got me? No? therefore you should lose your abbreviation privileges.

2. Your car is not your private room with windows. Don’t pick your nose… everybody’s watching. Yuck! Don’t think tat its nobody’s business. My eyeball is my business and I can see it clearly la dei...

3. Why web search assistance always landed in Mars? When I click “Pages from Malaysia”.. I mean here M.A.L.A.Y.S.I.A instead of 20 of unrelated pages, repeated summore and hey it’s in Alaska!

4. My PC hang! “Ctrl+Alt+Del”. Dang! The Task Manager oso hang!

5. Malaysian mannerism not oni missing while behind the wheels. But in the public toilet too. Just take 1sec to pull the flush handle oso kenot ah? Very d very layyzeeee. Public toilet is there for us too. You Moron!

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