Jan 8, 2009

Malaysian Artists At All Cost (Part 1)

Q's : Both of you couples?
Ans: No we r not couple.. we just friend. Me and his wife are friend. Our family are friends.

Q's :Are u engaged with him?
Ans:No they were just visiting our family. We had a close relationship.. but.. just friend. That picture explained nothing.

TV3 : Now we are presenting the wedding of the year, throwing flower from twin tower, no 1 artist with pak duda kaya... and lots of sponsor.


Yesterday - Newcomer

Today - Act like Diva (on and off camera)

Tomorrow - Caught taking picture in 2 piece, with smoccchhiingg lips on buah hati... wet wet wet... act like **biatch**all over the net.
* Common answer - "its not me/someone tryin' to tabur pasir in my rice cooker/i'm naive/its super imposed/we are getting married/No comment.....


Let Sing A Long...."This Ol' Man" new version.

I Love You
You Love Me
We are married with subsidy
With a great big wedding & sponsored honeymoon..
I Love You
You Love Me Too..

Thats all folks for now!

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