Feb 22, 2009

Aidid on Dhia's 1st Birthday

Last Friday, I have received this invitation from Nurul of our recep. Her baby's birthday on Sunday 22nd February 2009, in MCD Andalas. Me dengan seronotnye nak shared wif you all some of the picture taken during the event. Enjoy!

The Invitation

Birthday gurl wif the momma

Happy 1st Birthday Dhia Farhana Zahra...

Cake cutting ceremony

Aidid wif game prezzy.. the talkin' giraffe

The crowd

Aidid & Fatin

Aidid and Ayahnda still wif the talkin' giraffe

The food.... *Puff* gone...

Aidid stealt the limelight.. hahahaha.. at least from me..

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