Apr 27, 2009


Dear lovely Tammy,

Finally got to collect my bag and things from Dennis last week. Hey.. i nearly lupa la.. i ekceli order ape ek? took me few minutes to recalled. Coz bila i look into the paper bag.. woah! why so many? hahah.. ok ok.. now i remember, i oni ordered bag (which ordered in January 2009), but it was come with my birthday prezzy, ur contest prezzy, some free gift and lovely chocolata. yummy! love it. So nice of you. Hey the choc already gone haf the moment i reached home juz after received it from Dennis hahahaha...

Gurl, do u ever realize that.. if without ur help.. i woundnt had a chanced to simply had those lovely things. Paham2 je la.. wif my grown up Darling Aidid. mane la got time nak travelling sgt. Thanks so much dear. There is no word to really described how grateful i am to have a fren like you.
Thanks darling miu.


  1. omg.. tengok tengok kat Blog I, your blog there got my name. Bila baca wah.. got one post dedicated to me? so sweet thank u!

    ah.. some of those things i post to u but it was return back to me coz u holiday :(

    then wait u back again from holiday, banyaknya holiday ni..

    now u finally dapat! chocolate tu dari Australia, famous la :D homemade chocolate with mashmallow yum yum.

    thanks for being my friend too and i hope u like your contest prize :D

  2. Wah.. selama ni susah nak update... tetiba sekali aku baca banyak entries dah...

  3. Miu: Yeah.. the bag, the chocolate, the birthday gift and the contest prize..love it to the bit.. thanks dear.

    Nomee: hang dah lama tak melawat kawasan yerr...

  4. dah lama tak rasa kek kau...hihihihihi.... yum yum..(sambil telan air liur sendiri, ahaks)


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