Aug 12, 2009


My marriage to Nurun Shahrir is reaching our 2nd phase. "Parenthood" The state of being a parent, that to my suprise has reformed me in many ways. While Aidid will be 1 year old next month, i'm carrying our 2nd baby inside me already.

I love him, and in love with him, my darling Nurun Shahrir. Eventhou' it hurts sometimes, but still i dont thinked i can live without him. At least not now.. not yet. As what some people say, when they love someone, they will stay no matter how much they have been hurt. But some might not agree as love is the only emotion that has to be shared. It has to be a give and take on equal terms to be true. Anything less is not love. But love is patient, love is fun, Love is intagible and love is kind.

Marriage is like an amusement park ride. Some are roller coasters, taking you on an exciting but scary ride up and down and around and through loops. Some are merry-go-rounds, turning around and around in circles but never really going anywhere. Some are kiddy rides, easy, but kind of boring, and making you want something more. Which one is mine?

I love him and will always love him. Insyaallah!


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