Apr 26, 2010

Pertandingan Memancing Northport 2010

Just to share few pictures taken during Pertandingan Memancing Northport 2010. I was not in the committee but basically involved by invitation to conduct "Acara Wanita" on that day.Me hubby and the kids reach there at 930 am, 30 min before the acara for staff's family members. The first acara was cup cake decoration and followed by anyaman tikar kertas.
As i was the judge for both the events, gladly my hubby voluntarily take care of Aidid. And my sister too, babysit my darling's Mya.
Aidid was so "Kusyuk" with the briefing before sukaneka for kids... but before they even started, dia mula dulu dah....
The weather was damn hot and Mya was not well that day, so leh nampak la jauh
muncung dia tu..

 Anyway even under the hot sun, we still have some fun!

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