May 31, 2010

It's All for RM52 per pax only!

Last week we were both and the kids, gi mamam kat Tung Yuen Restaurant @ Grand Blue Waves Hotel, Shah Alam. I have purchased 2 promo "Eat All U Can" RM52 vouchers from a friend who works there.

Well, saje je belanja hubby for our anniversary. Thanks Nomee.

Believe me its sooo worth a buy. Really2.. i mean.. REALLY! Why i said so.. this some of wut we have there. Well actually it was more, but i forgot to take more pic as i was so busy makan and makan and makan and makan and not to forget.. layan anak2 kecik ni lah. hehehehe..

This is one of my favourite.... Shark fin wif crab meat. Marvellouss!!

Aidid's favourite vege.. and me too... hehehe..

The Venison was so tender and juicy.. me likey!

 The squid and as u can see the buttered prawn with salad dressing

The rice noodles

my hubby's favorite, the most succulent and juicy lobster.. oo myyy guddness!

Well we actually can order more.. tapi dah tak larat dah.. so just order cold longan to finished.

My darling hubby layannnn....

Pastu  jangan ta' picaya.. balik umah dia cakap. Tak puas lah.. nanti kita pergi lagi boleh? Hahahaha.. Nomee, reserve another 2 vouchers please...

Thrust me, a real great food at a very gud price...


  1. Hi Maya, Thank you for putting this up. I love the lobster and cod fish to the max. Siap tanya Chef resepi lagi. Lebih sedap kalau makan-makan dengan org-org yang kuat makan kan?. maybe next time we try this with Wani pulak?
    (Will call her).
    Congratulation on the anniversary dear.

  2. Havent tried the cod fish as we used to cook it at home for Aidid.. so cam tak berminat nak try je hari tu coz so excited wif the lobster. maybe kena go another visit to try on it. Voucher ni valid sampai bila mie? if lama lagi, next month bley arrange 1 more visit to tung yuen.

    And thanks for the wish darling!~.


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