May 10, 2010

Why I choose Cloth Diapers


I am now happy to say that I am 90% using cloth diapers both to my kids Aidid and Mya. But, why on earth I am cloths diapering?

ready to nanny

Yes! Traditionally cloth diapering was a messy and tedious job. With those folded napkins diapers that need to be folded, fastened with diaper pins and need to be covered with pull on plastic covers. Generally, the cleaning was a mess, thus most parents reside to disposable diapers as the best choice. 

But with today's invention on cloth diapers, the kewl design, fun and fashion forward color, baby's friendly materials (see it try it to believe it!).. it has really attract me to first try then now is so in love with CDs. But is that it?

My half empty cloth diapers cabinet 

After laundry

 Nope.. there is more....

1. Cool design, fun fashionable color, easy to use.. AIO or just tucked in your insert to the pocket and its ready to be use.

2. Baby's friendly materials, easy to clean and some is super fast to dry.

3. It's much cheaper than disposable. Do your maths! plus, no scanning newspaper ads, sale hoping for greater bargain, no clipping coupons, just a couple loads of laundry a week, and yess.... cloth wins!

4.  Environmentally friendly. At least i have contributed a bit to reduce the non-biodegradable waste to the landfill. It tonnes u noe, just from 1 kid!

5. Not so much scrubbing, just a little bit of soaking and throw it to my Auto washing machine.. voila!

 My latest haul to complete my Minky's sets

6. No more stinky and smelly poops in my trash, just shake it and spray it with water into the toilet and... its Gone!

7. Disposable diapers are pretty much only good for one thing, but with cloth diapers insert, it can be used as burp cloths, nose wipers, changing pads etc etc.. (use your imagination). 

8. When I'm done with the kids, they'll be still be the best rags for years to  come (and re-saleable too).

And believe it the list will goes on...


  1. kak..cantiknye CD tu..bli katne eh? mahal dak?

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  3. Sharina dear, U can have CD for as low as RM25 (or less if u buy in bulk) or as high as RM100++

    For my self i oni choose mid range prices nye jer.. bajet purchase heheheh.. mine paling mahal pon Moo Moo Cow which at rack price is RM78 each. But most of it are Coolababy, memula tu bli satu @ RM40 tuh.. huhuhuh.. pastu dah tau dah, shop hopping online when finally jumpa satu online shop ni bley bagi harga less than RM25.. legaaa!!!

    Niway, my advice kalau berminat nak try ni biar la dari yg murah dulu and jgn trus buy in bulk. Murah tak semestinya takde quality. Bila dah rasa sesuai ngan our baby, baru la leh consider buy in bulk kalau ada budget lebih. Akak nye ni pon dok kumpui bli sket dari last January.. almaklumlah, bajet purchase Tapi kalau ada bajet lebih and dah jumpa yang sesuai, masa ni lah leh dpt bargain price.


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