Jun 10, 2010

Going Green - The Ingredient (Part I)


This is one of the main ingredient that i am going to use for my homemade laundry detergent. Yesterday nite my darling's hubby went to TESCO to buy some groceries. So I just asked him to look for Borax and Washing Soda if there any. And during the conversation...

Dear, tolong tgk and if ada belikan i Borax & Washing Soda

Huh, apemende tu

Ala, abang cuba tgk kat bahagian detergent2..

Jenama sabun ke tu? sabun dah abis ke?

No lah, i need to make some experiment sket.

Experiement ape? sabun cuci pampes dah abis ke? blurrr>

Tak jugak.. nak try to make homemade laundry detergent.

Hah? Boleh ke? Tu nak kena ada makmal sains tu.. Boleh ke?
(Ahahahaha.. tang ni dah terasa lawaks dah ngan respond dia)

Taklah.. saje je nak cuba...

Takyah lah.. nanti bahaya.. chemical tu..

Is takde mende lah.. ate same je ngan detergent kita pkai tu pon, cuma lagi less-chemical

Ye ke? Gitu ke? boleh ke? ade ke jual?

Alaaa abang tgk je ler dulu. Kalau ade tolong blikan. kalau takde  takyah lahhhh...

Ahahaha.. my mistake gak, coz tak inform him earlier. Today i just googled some info on where to get this BORAXthing locally. Some said that it cud be easily purchased at  most Sensei Shop (Kedai Ubat Cina) or hardware shop. So again as my hubby to get it for me. hopefully he cud success this time.

Anyway, for first timer (like me), BORAX, or Sodium Perborate, or Sodium Tetraborate is an important Boron compound, a Mineral and also a salt in boric asid.  It is a component of many detergents, cosmetics, and enamel glazes, consisting of a soft colorless crystal which easily dissolves with water. It is to be used in the ingredient as it serves as a source of active oxygen. Thanks Wiki, but to know more, there are lots of available website with this basic information which u can found in Google. So, feel free lah ye.


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