Oct 28, 2010

What I hate for being an adult

1. Need to pay my own bills, buy my own shoes, my own cloth and wash my own 'shit'.

2. Had to sleep  early to get up early and reach the office early. The pay never been early but always finished early. 

3. Drifted away and stop talking to people that used to be my frens for years.

4. Putting up kgs for just a scoop of ice-cream or a piece of cheese cake.

5. Cant cried in public without people watching me awkwardly and feel "pelik"..

4. Everything becoming Grey and bounded by the consequences.

5.   Masa kecik2 dulu... if someone mad at me, someone else will protect me and said "she dont know what she doing. She's to young to understand"... but after the years passed.. i still questioning myself " What the hell I'm doing?????." and still I dont really understand it.

6. To much BS to swallow, to many expectation to feed.

7.  Started to use flaws as weaponry. 

8. The word "we are an adult" uttered very frequently to my ears for so many reason included to approved adultery. WTH! Just because we are an adult???????

9. Has the freedom to choose the vacation place, but need to pay the expenses.

10. The insurance sum is always for the benefit of beneficiary. But still i need to pay for it anyway.

11. Had to work to support life as life is selfishly lazy to support herself.

12. Have friends but alone, coupled but feel alone, married but still alone. 

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