Nov 27, 2010

Dare to blog – Day 4 (Aku sayang diri aku bila)

I love myself when I cud laugh at my own mistakes.
When I cud still gave a big laugh at the silliest risk that i took very recently..eventho it hurt me badly.
I love myself for the capacity to stood still and remain strong till now.. (well walaupun kat dlm ni hanya tuhan yang tahu)
I love myself when I cud walked off and moved on from someone who hurt me.
I love myself when i cud forgive and.. forget (the hardest part). Kemaafan dendam yang terindah.
I love myself whenever i cud managed to face my own fears.
I love myself when i cud say sorry.
I love myself whenever i cud turned any critics as a stepping stone to become a better person.
I love myself when…aku sayang diri aku bila aku…. oh aku pun dah lupa!


Nota tumit tinggi: Orang mungkin tahu, personaliti aku umpama Laut. Tenang aku setenangnya laut, Mesra aku semesranya laut, Garangnya aku… segarangnya gelora laut. Tapi yang orang mungkin tak tahu… aku juga mampu sebeku iceberg kutub utara.

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