Nov 17, 2010

The Ink of Life (2)

V1: Can I come
V2: Nope. I am with some girl friend
V1: Ok

V1: Can I join?
V2: No you cant. She will recognize you
V2: Ok

V1: Can I come?
V2: Cannot dear!
V1: Can I?
V2: Sorry but nope.

V1: Can u blindfold her? Then I come?
V2: Erk... yeah.... but.. she can still recognize you voice.
V1: Ok

V1: Can u just told her that she had schizophrenia????
      And make her believe that whatever voice she will hear is
      inside her head only. Then... can i come?
V2: Erkkk.....

Nak jugak.....


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