Dec 5, 2010

Ayahnda.. Aidid nak tawen ngan Acik Jidot boleh???

Last week, since Friday i was so bz for my cousin's wedding. I took a  day leave on Friday as she ordered me her 13 trays wedding hantaran, a 3-tiers wedding cake and also additional responsibility to prepared her Makan Beradap main dishes. 
Yes so tired, but am so delighted to lend them a hand during the successful event. I had to admit that my time management was a bit off this time. Maybe because I had it it all by myself, from the procurement of raw ingredients and materials, till the delivery. I cant expect much a help from my hubby as he looked after the kids. 

Niway, the event was a successful one and everybody's happy.. termasuk lah Aidid. Dia lah yang paling content nak tengok mantin.. nak gi pakpum pakpum (his own version of bunyi kompang). Since Friday nite lagi dia dah excited with the event... Ate my cousin Jidot ni one of his favorite makcik. 

On last Saturday morning masa aku tgh buat gubahan sireh, Aidid as usual... memang suka buat interview. Tak putus2 he asked me what i was doing. So aku pun tried to gift the best answer possible... "Bonda tgh buat hantaran sireh untuk Acik Jidot. Acik Jidot kan nak kawen petang ni". I tot  jawapan tu dapat shut him down sekejap. Tapi tetiba he asked me again wif soklan yang memang cepu emas. 

"Oye, abang Adit nak tawen lah?"... erkk terkelu mak kau, apa aku nak jawab pulak???To play safe, I told him that he need to asked ayahnda's permission kalau nak kawen.

He immediately he ran to his father and with his soft voice he asked... "Aye, (as for ayahnda) abang  aidid nak tawen ngan acik jidot boleh????"

Me and hubby serentak tergelak besar. Adoyai!....

Ok lets enjoy the piccas... happy viewing!

The sweetheart's boy a.k.a Aidid Marchelo with his sista and ayahanda

Me with the new couples

My lil' sista

Family of my own

The cake cutting ceremony

Oh muka sungguhlah berminyak

Me and Dya Castello (Sila abaikan rambutku yang serabai, tacap muka pun tak sempat ok)

My Darling's Mya


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