Dec 2, 2010

Daylight Motivation - What doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger… or crazier.


“Learning to be optimistic was a very long and painful journey. It must have been for the days that we go through in our life. But being optimistic and believing in God has its reward”.

This i read from a friend’s blog. no he’s not a blogger friend.. but one of my trusted buddy those days, when we boarded our bachelor life. . He who called me baby gurl to comfort me, and we shared some of our ups and downs… oh! how i miss those years.

Now he’s content with his career and 2 yrs + marriage, and he blessed with such a  lovely wife… Grats Ezee! I am happy for you. You deserved her as much as she deserved you. Yes he is an Optimist Man.

Yes, life is a living hell, some say it like roller-coaster. Well i don’t know how true is that as i never ride any roller-coaster in my entire life, and not dare to try one. As life already  so unbearable sometimes, so why should i add it up rite.

Every of us can’t skip of the ups and downs (unless we die after labor). Sometimes we’re like being in cloud nine, rise and high. But the other time, we triggered by the depression which all comes together and make we feel suicidal and don’t want to wake up tomorrow. Yes, nothing can be truer than that.

However, how bad it is, what’s more important is how to bounce back and be optimist.

Accept your faults.   Make mistake is part of human nature. We make mistake and we learn from it. We can’t be right at all time, we do have moments of misjudgments. It just normal. 

If we cant get over of some mistakes we’ve done in life, mean we still cant accept our own faults. They only way to get rid of it, admit our mistake and move on.

Know when to give up. Sometimes things are just not worth to fighting for. Life example, if you stay in a bad relationship which give you more pain than happiness, then it looks like you’re responsible for your own misery.

Forget about negative feelings. Forget about all the resentment, anger and hatred. The more you keeping it, they more you feeling hurt. Forget the past, be the first to move on.

Know the things you shouldn’t worry so much about. Stressing over family, relationships, career and personal developments is understandable as this is the thing that make who you are. But don’t stressing over money. Money comes and its goes. As long as you work hard and work smart, it will come to you. Worry about something else which worth more of your time.

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