Dec 3, 2010

Easy Digest: Don’t punk’d

Office politics: He who has so much interest with what other peps around may talked bout him, is either he is what they said, or he has secretly punk’d a shit on someone and worried that other peps will find out.

So the moral:

Don’t punk’d next door. you would not know when they gonna move in. 

Don’t just swept your issue with others under the carpet and pretend that it was never existed. You may forgot, but they don’t.

Don’t shit on someone  and expect that no one will ever knew. Office gossips moved faster than a bullet. 

Polish your boss with hard work, not with ball work. By the end of the day, ability is what will get you to the top if the boss has no daughter, and ball work wont get you to touch his daughter if any.

P/s: But well, they just never learnt.

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