Jan 17, 2011

Keep your Stubbornness for a good reason

Keep your Stubbornness for a good reason, for what you want and to shape who you wanna be.

Suatu waktu dahulu:-

Abg E: M, ko ni degil la. 

M: Ye ke sy degil abg E. I just follow conscience je, which i think relevant with what i want, and ditched away which is irrelevant. Itu degil ke?

Abg E: Ye la. Jangan.. tak boleh kemana-mana dengan degil ko tu. You need to listen to advices, what peps said.

M: Yeah i do listen. Like now.. am listening to you. But not necessarily to agree right?

Abg E: Ko ni degil tau.


Yes.. for the same stubbornness applied earlier, i am who i am now. And happier. Stubbornness is ain't wrong if applied appropriately and with tact. Don't you think?

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