Jan 27, 2011

Sepintas Lalu - HCMC Vietnam day 1

Day 1 yesterday was a bit kelam-kabut as i was behind my original time schedule. Flight aku kat LCCT kul 6. Luckily Air Asia Web Check In memudahkan perjalanan dan urusan kat LCCT. Takyah nak joen the long Q, takyah nak 2 hrs early to get my boarding pass etc.

Plan awal nak naik train commuter to kl central before ride on LCCT airport transit from there. Tapi as usual, comutter delayed for nearly 1 and a half hours @ klang station. End up hubby kena hantar gi airport gak. Masa sampai airport tu terblur-blur gak la mcm rusa masuk kampung, as that was my first time used the web check facilities. 

After the last time fly from LCCT, quiet impressive gak perubahannya. With the web check in facilities, self check in, e-transport verification gate and other facilities provided @ the boarding hall.Waited for my flight to Ho Chi Minh City @ T3 gate, I was surrounded with unfamiliar faces. Most of them was foreigner which i believe they are Vietnamese from the language they used. Hoh most of the sebuk ngan IT friendly phone je. 

I saw only 2 malay couples je amongst us. The rest foreigner yang some tgh berphu-chu-kang with each other. But amongst the crowd, i was eavesdropped on 1 mat salleh conversation over the phone with his fren i pressumed. 

He talked bout how wonderful country Malaysia it is. Exactly contrary with what he was heard before. He did travel a lot, but this trip to Malaysia was such a wonderful trip. Good people food no war, no fighting on the street yadda yadda yadda. He even asked his fren to came down and experienced it by themselves. Agak bangga gak aku sekejap. Ada gak orang suka kat M'sia despite of memacam propaganda and bad reputation about us surrounded us around the glob.

Then when the flight in called, aku join la berasak2 before the door. Tgh dok beratur sesama tuh, skali mamat blakang aku ni dah la dok berdiri rapat. Pehtu tetiba ada haruman yang menusuk idong. Ceh mamat ni bau beer da all over him.. yuckkk! how do i know? dont asked.. but i just know it ok!  Kuat gilak bau dia.. haisshhh! lemas aku. Dalam hati berdoa panjang, jangan la kau dapat seat sebelah aku dlm flight nanti huhhuhuuh.

Dalam flight nothing much to talked bout as i was travelling alone, so takde aktiviti penjimbaan ketara yang berlaku. As the vietnam time is 1hr before us, after 1hr 30 min travelling time I finally reached Vietnam airport at 710 in the evening. 

Mencarì2 muka my fren Capt from the crowd tapi tak jumpa, which finally i decided to walked out from the crowd to get some mineral water. Aku dah dehidrate ok... as aku cuma minum 1 small bottle mineral water je tadi kat LCCT, sbb tanak terkencing dlm Belon (flight). Tak ske.. aku ni kuat minum  + kuat kencing hahaha.

After have our dinner @ local rest, trus ke apartment for a good night sleep. Need a good rest as tomorrow jauh lagi perjalanan.

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