Feb 5, 2011

Don't be so prejudice of our own Country (and our countryman)

Yesterday while I was to have dinner @ Panmour, we bumped into old Mat Salleh, who had worked in Malaysia for close to 10 years. But this time he came here just to spend a holiday with his wife. He was a pilot, and what more interesting is, he was a former pilot in the Vietnam war (which nothing to be proud of and he was not).

He said he likes Malaysia (hopefully true). What attracted his interest to us was when Aidid yang overly peramah kept smiled and waved at him. As a Westerner, that scenarios are hard to see when back to their country, where couples are no longer chose marriage, let alone to have kids. To see a family with small kids, ate together nowadays was a rarity in Western Country. He is an American, but had a long stay in Germany.

As I was to feed my babies, the man continued chit-chatted with my hubby. They talked about works, life, the competitiveness of business survival and also a bit here and there about muslim life. He's not a muslim, but he liked going to the mosque for its serenity and peacefulness.

That was such a pleasant sharing experience actually. To hear what people think about us. And it was not always a bad things basically. This is my 2nd time in 2 wks, bumped into foreigner who enjoyed our multicultural country, the peacefulness and tolerable sharing among us which is not really a reality elsewhere.

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