Feb 5, 2011

The most valuable legacy ...

The most valuable legacy left by my abah was a passion to work hard, be merciful to those around me, to love them, enjoy my hard earning and have fun. Yes i work it out! I earned my own living, i worked smart (and hard too), for surviving and for the kids. It may not for their luxury, their wealthiness, but for the education, for the knowledge, for the tools to earn their own living when the time comes, to be a man of honor of their own handwork. I will not give them a fish, but rather to teach them how to fish. So that, when the time's come for me to let go.. "anak-anak ku, jangan lah harta jadi rebutan, jangan membenci kerana kekayaan, tapi sayangi adik beradikmu, sebagaimana bonda menyayangi kalian"

So dudes, and dudettes.. if you think i'm wrong, don't correct me.. lol!

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