May 25, 2011

A lil' rant...

Days just passing by with no mood and no feeling... just a blank, blunted emotions.  Surrounded by the exasperated feeling in the air that I'm breathing, sedar tak sedar its already mid of the year. Time passes by so fast rite.

But what have been achieved? what have been changed?...  The same old question, the same odd feeling.

Exasperation, forlorn, felt forsaken, self-pity, failure, hatred, sadness sometimes just all over the place. Eventhough being trying harder to  for-see the better view of it, yet ended on a deserted place as usual.

Ah kacau! Nasib baiklah ada lagu "Insyaallah" Maher Zain ....

I shall try to watch comedies more frequently.... layan "Jambu" of Maharaja Lawak pon ok jugekkk!

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