Jun 13, 2011

More than just a baby blues - pospartum depression

Oh how i wish that i cud go back to bed and sleep a little more!! Dem sleepy.

Its been a while since the last time i read any newspaper (gila katak kan), until today tetiba terpanggil nak flip thru it all as m looking on company advert on today's NST and BH. 

Read thru an article in "Life & Times" about Wardina Safiyyah who openly confessed that she had one experienced postnatal depression. uwwhhhhh!I'm not alone. Yes I've experienced the same afterbirth of both my kids 2 years back.

Kowang tau ape aku rasa? Aku rasa aku hampir gila dah masa tu.
Rasa down sesangat, with extreme sadness, mood swings, anxiety, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, irritability,hopeless, useless and kena pulak hubby kurang paham dan tak bagi support, damn insensitive.

It just drive me crazy! And yes i injured myself once!

"Pospartum Depression (PPD) is said to be common in the few months after childbirth. Hormonal changes can contribute to a blue mood after birth. Postpartum depression is defined as a major depressive episode starting within 4 weeks after delivery and is a significant public health problem. Postpartum blues represents a major risk factor for developing postpartum depression and severe postpartum blues symptoms can be viewed as a prodromal stage for postpartum depression".

I too was so cranky within that period. Menangis, menangis, menangis... I wanted hubby to understand it too, but failed. 

Anyway to help myself, like Wardina i went online to gather more information and support over PP and even passed an articles to my hubby (eventho it still not so much of help to make him understand huhuhuh). Sedar tak sedar nearly 6 to 7 months gak la when i finally managed to recovered myself back.. gladly.

So you babe... if you think your are about it... go and get your support!

And you dude... please, please, please be sensitive and paying close attention to your wife within that critical period. It was such a horrible, really really really really horrible experience. She need your support tremendously!

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