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5 Steps to Healing Your Financial Regrets

Well, we all make money mistakes. And on top of our mistakes, we feel horrible about them. Do you struggle with being critical of yourself over a money mistake? Are you plagued with regret over what you did- or didn’t do? Do you keep thinking and thinking and thinking- swirling in a circle—wishing you’d done things differently? To compound our woes, we rarely talk about them. When we make relationship mistakes, we often hash over the “I can’t believe I did that”. But when it comes to money, we can be extremely self-critical—suffering pangs of regret and remorse- replaying our money mistakes over and over in our head– mostly in isolation. Here is how to heal. 1. Talk about it!  And name the regret.  We all know that speaking our truth heals, so get clear about the regret… and tell someone. Whom do you trust with your regret? Who would not judge you but would simply listen and love you anyways? Be specific about what you regret. “I regret incurring that RM23,000 i