Apr 23, 2015

5 Ways To Stay Positive Through Life:-

(1) Remove the negative people from your life, or at least ignore them. 
(2) Stop saying “CAN’T’, “DON’T”,”WON’T” and other negative words.
(3) Keep Your Life Into Perspective. 
(4) Overcoming Hardships Raises Your Status Quo
(5) Don’t Worry – Be Happy

Jan 18, 2015

Congo Bar (Kepingan mat kongo)

Congo bar.. tetiba tingin nak makan wei. Tak bukan ngidam, tapi just sugar crave kot. Jumpa pakcik gugel cari resepi... search.. search.. search.... yum.. yum.. yum...

Found this simple Congo Bars recipe... credit to http://www.iheartnaptime.net

2 cwn gula perang
2/3 cwn salted butter (suhu bilik)
3 bj telur (dipukul)
2 1/2 cwn tepung gandum
2 1/4 st baking powder
1/2 st garam
1 st vanilla
1 1/2 - 2 cwn semi-sweet chocolate chips 
Cara buat:-

  1. Panaskan oven 325 degrees. 
  2. Creamkan butter + gula perang dalam mangkuk adunan (yelah, takkan dalam teko teh kan). 
  3. Masukkan telur dan vanilla pukul sebati.
  4. Satukan baking powder, garam dan tepung. Campurkan dalam adunan butter sedikit demi sedikit dan kacau rata. 
  5. Tambahkan chocolate chips dalam adunan.
  6. Griskan dulang pembakar saiz 12 x 4, tabur sket tepung. 
  7. Ratakan doh adunan dlm pan. Letak sket tepung kat tgn utk tanak melekat. 
  8. Bakar 25-35 minit sampai keperang2an. cucuk dgn lidi, kalau tak melekat dah masak la tu. 
  9. Sejukkan sebelum potong. 
  10. Yum yum.. dgn minuman kegemaran... ahhhh takde air pon boleh licinnnn...

Alamak! oven beso masih kat store. Ada orang nak sponsor oven kecik seketui tak? hik!

Layan gambo orang buat dulu....

credit to leitesculinaria.com
credit to www.tastespotting.com

credit to thelunacafe.com


May 16, 2014

Hard Facts About Singapore... (For Singapore lovers)

1. Singaporeans work the most number of hours per week in the world.
2. Most Singaporeans will never own a car because COEs are very high (just a piece of paper) and used as a pretense to control traffic, but in fact is a mean to make money only for the Government.
3. The Average home of a Singapore has fallen from 1660 sq feet to about 1000 sq. feet in the past decades. On statistic, it appears that Singaporeans have the highest home-ownership in the world, but all HDB properties are only leasehold for 99 years and the building of all units are very cheap with the building costs low with imported workers and bulk acquisitions of building materials and cheap acquisition of any land in Singapore under the URA Act.
4. Fertility rate in Singapore has fallen to below Japan – among the lowest in the world. In the earlier days, the government had the only two-child policy and the introduction of the Streaming System in the schools to create great stresses for parents to have their children go through the stages of advancement in education. All impoverished families are therefore disadvantaged to have children.
5. Less than half the Singaporeans can meet the minimum sum for CPF retirement accounts. Meaning many will never retire. The government is earning money from the CPF through the financing of the HDB housing scheme with the owners’ money – the borrowing interest rate is higher than the interest rate given to depositors.
6. 17% of Singaporeans do not have medical insurance – the highest in the developed world give and take a few % compared with USA. The medical costs are one of the highest in the world and they have been commercialised to earn money for the government by opening up the facilities competitively to all rich foreigners in the region.
7. Singapore has the fastest growing foreigner population per capita in the world. Within a decade, the majority of people in Singapore will be foreign born. The government is blaming the local-born citizens for having low birth-rate.
8. Singapore has the highest paid political leaders in the world…. All the ministers, cronies and head of departments in the Civil Service are highly paid and they justify this by saying that these are ‘talents’ but in fact they have been put into their positions of power based upon ‘Knowing What to Do’, a very powerful way of maintaining power and dictatorship.
9. Singapore has the highest income gap of all developed countries.
10. More than one person kills himself/herself every day.
11. Singaporeans have the highest savings rate in the world due to CPF but many still can’t retire. Many of these savings had been lost through wrongful investments by government-related organizations. No one is allowed to question this – there is no transparency and openness in this sensitive issue.
12. The Singapore parliament has the fewest opposition in terms of % of seats in the world among countries that claim to be democratic, of course we are also democratic. Through the system of installing many in the government service all those ‘who know what to do’, they put on a show to allow only very few opposition who do not ‘rock the boat’ to sit in parliament.
13. Singapore bans chewing gum but legalize casinos. Casinos are legalized in only 2 of the 50 American states. There are many ‘entertainers’ in Geyland and many parts of Singapore who offer services to locals and tourists who are not legalized but remain silence because it helps to boost the economy of Singapore.
14. Singapore hangs the most people per capita in the world. Even more than China…. do believe this feller called Shadrake.
15. Singapore cars are the most expensive in the world. This is because of the COE (only a piece of paper) that costs many times more than the retail price of the car and is being justified to control the traffic on the roads. In addition there are more and more ERPs (‘Everyday Rob People’), a tolling system to control traffic in certain areas, but in fact the traffic in Singapore is getting worse and worse every year.
16. Singaporeans have the lowest purchasing power among all developed countries according the UBS… even Malaysians in KL have higher purchasing power.
17. Singapore government has the highest sovereign wealth fund per capita and among the top few in absolute terms. Nobody is allowed to audit the reserves account except the Supremo and the real situation of these reserves, just by speculation makes Singapore the richest country in the world per capita.
18. Singapore spends more on defence than Malaysia and Indonesia combined – so I guess we don’t need too much diplomacy and or diplomats can afford to badmouth them according to Wikileaks. Now that they know, we better spend a $100M extra this year on defence. Singapore has the lowest expenditure per number of armed forces in the world by having this compulsory NS, with the lowest paid ‘allowances’ given to all national service personnel.
19. Singapore has the No.1 civil service in the world according to Minister Lim Swee Say. I want to add we also have No.1 civil service in terms of pay for the top echelon. Some can afford French cooking lessons. In addition, they are given many benefits and gratuities (‘retirement benefits’) – for them to maintain their jobs they have to ‘know what to do’.
20. Singapore has only one news paper company called SPH that produces hoards of quality papers such as Straits Times, Sin Min and other reading delights. We had 5 newspaper companies a few decades ago, I guess this business is in decline even as the population increases. All media are controlled by the government and they are used as the propaganda machines to cover up all its misdeeds.
21. Singaporeans serve NS for 2-2.5 years, this is the longest in the world after Israel. We do it because we can afford the time. Many Singaporean workers will work their whole life without retirement anyway, so what is the difference putting aside 2 years. Countries that have NS are those which are being threatened realistically by its neighbours, but Singapore has to valid reason to maintain its compulsory NS. The only reason is only to maintain the armed forces with very low expenditure per number of personnel.
22. Singapore has the world’s oldest and cleverest politician. His name is Lee Kuan Yew. As long as he is around, the ‘good’ life for Singaporeans will continue. He has made sure of that by the system he already created. Any changes will result in Singapore’s economy and this is ‘no good’ for All residents. Singaporeans are first-class citizens (have to served NS and obey otherwise sue for bankruptcy) but only second-class residents.
23. Lee Kuan Yew’s son is Lee Hsien Loong. His New Year Message this year asks Singaporeans to be
24. Singapore has the most expensive public housing in the world… but according to Minister Mah, it is still affordable, but the government is still making heaps of money.
Something to ponder... hmmmmmmm....
News source : http://therealsingapore.com/